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Modern PLR

Simply Passive Digital Marketing Course Bundle MRR

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SIMPLY PASSIVE - With Master Resell Rights (Resell this course and keep 100% of the profits)

Designed for you

Simple | Sophisticated | Strategic.

Perhaps you're just beginning your digital marketing journey with no prior experience. OR, you might already have a digital marketing business but feel stuck, lacking success, uncertain about social media presence, or clueless about creating your own digital product.
It's possible you're doing well in your digital marketing endeavors but are eager to elevate your business to the next level.
Wherever you stand in your journey, this course caters specifically to your needs.

The "SIMPLY PASSIVE" course comprises over 45 video modules, templates, checklists, and more. Here's what you can expect:

  • Branding and aesthetics maintained in a neutral tone.
  • Faceless presentation of all modules and lessons.
  • Detailed modules focusing on niches to precisely identify your audience and address their needs.
  • Guidance on crafting faceless content (b-roll) to build trust and drive sales.
  • Beginner-friendly content alongside practical strategies for those facing obstacles.
  • Extensive emphasis on social media strategies, encompassing content creation, caption writing, hooks, trending audio, and more.
  • A comprehensive Canva module guiding the creation of your own digital product, complete with templates.
  • Insight into personal branding, including aesthetic considerations.
  • Time management techniques.
  • Strategies for mastering mindset and implementing daily tips for significant change.
  • Email marketing utilizing Flodesk, inclusive of templates.
  • A dedicated module on automation, covering tools like Manychat, Flodesk, and others.
  • Learning how to batch content for time efficiency.
  • A QUICK START module facilitating quick setup for reselling the course.
  • Lifetime access to all future updates of the course.
  • Access to an EXCLUSIVE community offering support, encouragement, and more interaction.
  • Additionally, the course provides Master Resell Rights, enabling you to resell it for a 100% profit!


  • The Simply Passive Course 


  • MRR & PLR Digital Empire Essentials Bundle:

This is seriously the ULTIMATE Bundle that you need to get started or on your digital marketing journey.

This bundle has everything you need to start your own brand or scale your existing one.

It has 10 Done For You digital products that are ready for you to add them to your store and re-brand them to fit your own brand.

You will be given the Canva template link for each one so you can rebrand, save & sell them all!

But not only that, these high valuable digital products contain extremely valuable information, knowledge, guidance and tips for you to begin this journey with a solid base and well equipped for the ride!

What is inside?

You will be given the Canva template link for each one so you can rebrand, save & sell them all!

How to create & sell digital products guide:

✨ 14 page guide teaching you how to create and sell your own digital products.

From brainstorming ideas, to finding your niche, to market research, to marketing and launching.

This guide has everything you need to learn about creating and selling digital products

(valued at $15.95)

Turn Your Social Media Into An Income Source ebook:

44 page ebook that contains:

 ✨ 101 Social Media Hooks

 ✨ 101 Call to Action ideas for social media

 ✨ 90 Days of Content ideas for social media

 ✨ This ebook gives you all the tips and tricks for you start monetizing on social media!

 (valued at $31.95)

30 Days of Social Media Hooks

✨Different hook ideas to capture your audiences attention on your Instagram reels

(valued at $11)

The Ultimate Faceless Bundle 

✨Includes Faceless Reels Starter Kit (20 Pages)

✨Faceless Instagram Reels Cover Photos (26 Pages) 

✨Reels That Reach Ebook (18 Pages)

Everything you need to get started with reels & how to take your reels to the next level for ultimate growth. 

(valued at $38)

Aesthetic Faceless Content 240 Reels, Stories & Posts

✨This is an amazing and unique product to sell. Many people when starting their faceless marketing accounts always ask where to get faceless reel videos from.

✨This includes 200 Faceless Aesthetic Stock Videos to Use for Reels & 20 Instagram Posts & 20 Instagram stories

(valued at $49)

 How To Achieve Financial Freedom with MRR ebook:

✨ This 40 page ebook teaches you everything you need to know about MRR, how to start selling MRR products, how to leverage the power of MRR and how to achieve Financial Freedom with MRR.

This is a great guide to teach your customers about what MRR is and its incredible potential!

(valued at $44.95)

Mastering Facebook Ads ebook:

✨This product alone, makes this whole bundle worth it!

27 page comprehensive guide for beginners on

How to Create Facebook Ads from Start to Finish.

Whether you're a complete beginner or someone looking to fine-tune their ad campaigns, this guide will walk you through the entire process of creating effective Facebook and Instagram ads from scratch.

By the end of the guide, you'll have a clear understanding of how to set up and launch ads that reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals.

(valued at $125.95)

The Ultimate Instagram Playbook

121 pages consisting of:

✨ Why Instagram, building your community, your goals, your vision, your profile, what to write in your bio, your niche, knowing your audience, your competition, reels algorithm, why you’re not growing & MUCH MORE!

(valued at $49)

Canva Basics Guide

43 pages explaining how to get started with Canva, editing basics , the toolbars, tips & tricks, free vs pro. 

(valued at $15)

Faceless Marketing Ebook:

✨40 pages explaining everything you need to know about faceless marketing, how to get started, identifying your niche, content curation and scheduling, content ideas, growing with reels, tracking and analytics & MUCH MORE 

(valued at $49)

200 Social Media Posts and Stories Templates:

Elevate your brand with these aesthetic templates!

Ready to be re-branded to fit your own brand and ready to be sold as your own!

(valued at $44.95)

The total value of this bundle is:




Due to this product being an instant download and the digital nature of this product, returns cannot be accepted. Make sure to read all the information and ask all of your questions before purchasing.

Shipping & Returns

This is an instant digital download. You will receive a PDF with a link to your Canva template.

Due to the nature of this product no returns are accepted.


  • Buy Once, Sell Forever!

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